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Healing Circle Year 2

Site updated : 7th September 2017

An invitation to a joyous life — often overlooked — is the work we can do with the cycle of the seasons and with the land as we traverse the year. The more rooted we are in your environment, the more we are able to connect with its enormous power as the year unfolds. The aim of the Healing Circle is to help us to access this power in our daily life.

In times of change we all need access to powerful tools to navigate our lives with constancy and success.
With the Healing Circle you will receive such tools.

The Healing Circle is an International Circle that comes together both to celebrate the major turning points of the natural year — Winter and Summer Solstice, the Equinoxes of Spring and Autumn — and to offer Healing to our members at these special times.

As a member of The Healing Circle you will receive:
• Direct access to regular Reiki Distance Healings throughout the year,
one healing offered every six weeks.
• Powerful energy techniques to help us as we navigate our lives,
such as creating your own support Circle, and working with Fire Ceremony.
The aim of the Circle is to support us energetically.

Eight healings in the cycle of the year

Our year begins with the Winter Solstice at the Midwinter. We then celebrate Imbolc (pronounced Imolc) in February, followed by the Spring Equinox in March. Beltane follows in May and then Midsummer in June. The harvest season is celebrated in three festivals which prepare us for the months of Winter : Lughnasadh in August, the Autumn Equinox in September, and Samhain in October. The cycle then begins again at Midwinter. Whilst Solstice and Equinox are well know to all, Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain derive their names from the traditional Celtic calendar. 

Dates for The Second Healing Circle Year are :

Midwinter– 21/22 December 2016
Imbolc – 1/2 February 2017
Ostara, the Spring Equinox – 20/21 March 2017
Beltane – 1 May 2017
Midsummer – 20/21 June 2017
• Lughnasadh 1/2 August 2017
• Solar Eclipse 21st August 2017


The Autumn Equinox 22 September 2017


Samhain – 31 October 2017

Members receive...

When you sign up for the Healing Circle Mailing list, you will receive
a copy of the Healing Circle Newsletter every six weeks, giving you : 
• Essential background to the season
• Notes on the origin of these ancient festivals
• Ideas and inspiration for connecting with the land and the season.
This newsletter is offered at no change and represents a first step on your journey
towards working with the seasons.

With our FULL MEMBERSHIP you will receive:
• 8 Distance Reiki Healings a year
• A training presenting a practical energy technique
• A transcript of a channelling from the Nation of Horses.
And of course you will still get everything included in the newsletter.

The cost of a year’s subscription is £12.50/month and represents a wonderful chance to receive Reiki eight times each year from a qualified Reiki Practitioner, Master Teacher and member of the United Kingdom's Reiki Association. Testimonials from my Reiki practice may be found here.

To receive a discount on your Membership, all you have to do is bring a horse with you into the Healing Circle. You do not have to be the owner, simply have a relationship with the horse, and let us know where he or she is stabled. We encourage members to bring their equine companions into the Circle — there are already nearly 30 horses who join us. When you join as a Horse Companion (only £10/month) you receive a discount of £30 on your yearly membership.

Meeting the Nation of Horses

The Healing Circle is unique in that the Circle works with the power of a herd of wild Horses who live on the Quantocks Hills in Somerset. The Healing Circle was formed with the close kinship between myself and the herd. Part of the Healing Circle's work is to share their wisdom. For myself, working with the seasons and the land is as much about working with the animals, birds and plants who live there. The Healing Circle receives and shares their wisdom which is often far more penetrating than our own. Animals live in a one-to-one relationship with nature. Certain Shamanic peoples have pointed out that animals share a collective consciousness and it is for this reason the herd is known as the Nation of Horses. When the Horses communicate with us, they speak for all Horses. The Healing Circle works with the Nation of Horses to bring a further level to our healing as we navigate the seasons of the year. 

Joining the Healing Circle is simple

It is easy to join through our Paypal links below. In order to make things easier we are now able to offer a monthly subcription of £12.50/month for a Full Membership, and £10/month as a Horse Companion (yourself plus the Horse you bring into our Circle). This option allows you full participation in the Healing Circle and keeps the monthly outlay down to a minimum. You can alternatively pay a full yearly subscription in one go (£150).

To receive our free Healing Circle newsletter, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the Circle.

The Healing Circle looks forward to supporting you on your journey throughout the coming year. See you around the fire ! 

Monthly subscription options

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The Healing Circle

Looking forward to seeing you with us!

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Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

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